2018-19 WAC Registration Form

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Consent to Treat Form

As the parent (or guardian) of the above named attendee, I grant permission for my son or daughter to attend Wakefields Covenant Church’s 2018/19 activities and events and authorize Wakefield Covenant Church and its staff, volunteers, and chaperons, to transport and supervise my child in connection with his or her attendance at the various activities throughout the 2018/19 year.
I do further hereby give, release, absolve, indemnify, and agree to hold harmless, Wakefield Covenant Church, its Board, staff, volunteers, chaperones, and persons transporting my son/daughter to and from the activity and associated activities from any claim arising out of injury to my son or daughter, except to the extent such harm is the result of the gross negligence of Wakefield Covenant Church or such other party seeking to enforce this release.
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